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The Nine Pillars

AK3D Consulting 

Research and Development 

We guide and assist in building your company's manufacturing 4.0 platform.

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Manufacturing Analysis

Additive Manufacturing analyses of a company's current product lines, manufacturing methods, and future product lines will be conducted. These studies will take an in depth look at the cost to manufacture using AM/subtractive methods or a combination of AM and traditional manufacturing methods focusing on time, cost, labor, volume, and supply chain.






We will assist and guide with setup and development of print farms and additive manufacturing build outs. Once operational, we will continue to add support to aid in a lean manufacturing approach and workflow optimization.





Printer Optimization

Conducting test and studies to determine optimal part orientation, print settings, build plate layout, etc. Streamlining the design process to minimise the overall steps that are needed to produce functional parts.





Design for Additive Manufacturing

For both preexisting parts and future projects, products can be designed/redesigned for additive using the desired end manufacturing process as base for the design optimizations and criteria.





Secondary Processing

We will help guide and assist you with your secondary processing or determine alternatives for post processing.






We will inform and educate on materials, their applications, cost, availability, post processing options, material properties, certifications, standards, etc.





CAD Design Training

We will provide training and support for design for additive CAD to assist the team of designers for your additive platform. Ideal candidates would have experience designing in CAD, but AM knowledge not required.






Some printing technologies allow little oversight to operate and can run automated. Feasibility studies can be conducted on different technologies, applications, and other criteria. We can also aid with implementation and operations






After conducting an analysis on current product lines, manufacturing processes, materials, volume, cost to manufacture, etc we will determine ideal equipment recommendations, as well as support for the equipment, orientation/training, secondary equipment, etc.

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