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Design for Additive Manufacturing


We optimize design and material selection to preferred part performance. (Strength, weight, manufacturability, quick turnaround times, and affordability)


Design for additive manufacturing utilizes the latest in 3D CAD software and industry knowledge to optimize your designs. This means we can manufacture on demand, aid supply chain issues, and have faster turn around times.

FPL EV Chargers Scaled Models

Increase Efficiency

Design Flexibility 

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Save Time

Faster Lead Times

Improved Part Performance

Part Customization

Digital Transformation

Converting drawings and outdated designs into a 3D files add tremendous benefits to both designers and customers. Files can be easily shared allowing collaboration and iterations at a rapid pace. This can have a huge benefit to production speed.

Industry 4.0 

Utilizing CAD design and the digitization of files paired with additive manufacturing equipment allows a shift to a smarter, more efficient manufacturing process. Utilizing this, manufacturing can become more automated and adaptable to allow changes.


Remote Housing for Stump Grinder
Industry 4.0 Network
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